Our “Filippo Cea” quality Toritto almonds

At the beginning of the 20th century, while everyone was abandoning the countryside for the cities, Filippo Cea, an agronomist from Toritto, chose to stay and put his trust in a small tree on his land which produced very tasty almonds with a curious peculiarity, namely two almonds to a hull, like twins. 

His hope was well rewarded and today the "Filippo Cea" quality Toritto almonds are recognised as the most esteemed variety in the world thanks to their sweet and buttery taste with elevated aromatic notes and excellent nutritional properties. Their character is expressed in several sectors: the production of almond milk, sugared almonds, ice cream, haute cuisine, nougat, and cosmetics. Every day they are chosen by the great chefs of haute patisserie to create exquisite delicacies that captivate with their unique flavour. They can also be consumed naturally and are highly recommended by nutritionists as a precious ally in balanced diets. They are, in fact, rich in tocopherols (an important component of vitamin E with antioxidant properties) and polyunsaturated fats, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and vitamin B. “Filippo Cea” almonds are chosen by vegans, vegetarians, those suffering from lactose intolerance and by all people who love artisanal, eco-sustainable and qualitatively superior products. 

Since the Toritto almond is a "Slow Food Presidium", you will always have the guarantee of purchasing a food subjected to periodic checks and inspections that is cultivated without pesticides, preservatives, additives or colourings, respecting the territory and its people. 

That little tree has come so far! 

In our online shop you will only find “Filippo Cea” quality Toritto almonds, harvested exclusively from our company’s land and dried in the sun because our passion is to give you only quality.

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