Our extra virgin olive oil - from the countryside to your home

Meals are the heart and soul of the family, we are proud to present EMÈS extra virgin olive oil to enhance your favorite dishes. The only ingredient comes from trees that have been with us for decades. We choose the best olives which we cold press to obtain a healthy and tasty product that is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which are organic compounds essential for health and well-being. Since we built our evolutionary oil mill, we have had only one goal: to produce an extra virgin olive oil with an exceptional taste, fruit of the earth and rooted to it. 

We have done quite well and this has not gone unnoticed! We grow every single olive with passion and like true artisans of taste, we follow every stage of production: from sowing to harvesting, from pressing to bottling. The EMÉS vision is to follow rigorous selection criteria with the zeal and affection that has been handed down to us from our grandparents and parents to guarantee you a traditional Apulian product that can rightly be defined as " superior". 

Why choose us? 

Because what you will taste is not a laboratory product, but olive oil as it should be: always fresh. Our passion, combined with sustainable agricultural practices, drives us to produce the finest oil you have ever tasted.

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