Every story is born in a place and with a dream to fulfill
Our revolutionary oil mill is born with patience, will and perseverance
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A new generation
oil mill for our oil
Only an excellent product can satisfy
high cuisine demands
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The secret of goodness
is the love we lend
The oil is accompanied by the production of the
almond of the cultivar "Filippo Cea"
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EMÉS: Apulian tradition, values and quality in a single brand

Production and sale of extra virgin olive oil from Apulia and “Filippo Cea” almonds from Toritto

“ Life is like a little seed that you plant in the ground. You wait, take care of it, water it and one day a small plant is born. This is the story of my life, this is how my company sprouted in the Toritto area, a territory that is a part of me. It was nature that chose me and called to me, I replied “

-Francesco Palmiotto-  

A family evo-lution

EMÉS is an Apulian agricultural company, located in Toritto in the province of Bari, which today produces olives, "Filippo Cea” quality almonds and seasonal vegetables. Here we cultivate our beloved land to give you healthy, high quality food.

Read our story, let our passion tell you who we are.

The oil mill and the organic company

We offer you olive pressing of the highest quality possible thanks to a state of the art extra virgin olive oil mill. The oil is produced along with the "Filippo Cea" cultivar almond, grown without chemical fertilisers or treatments that are harmful to your health.

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We love and live for Nature. EMÉS isn’t just an oil mill and agricultural company, but a true philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. It is a place for gathering and friendship, a return to one’s origins.


Discover all our events and how to use our tasting room, which will allow you to rediscover flavours you thought you had lost.

Guided tours

Contact us for availability.


In the Courses section you will find a wide range of activities without age limits. Our trained teachers will accompany you in learning the most ancient techniques of Apulian cuisine, and will also guide the little ones in fun and laboratory activities. As for the photos, we will insert them later.


Contact us! We will get back to you between sowing and cultivating!

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